What to consider when budgeting for wedding videography services in Ottawa:

    The cost of a decent videography can considerably impact your budget. It may vary and depend on several aspects. Videographers in Ottawa offer different prices and rates. Paying a higher price, of course, does not always mean receiving a higher value. Very often the cost of videography can be included in other services such as photography, music, wedding planning etc. Videographers usually offer their standard packages for you to choose from. Every videographer or video production company has its own unique touch and style that could affect your preference.

    The videography cost can but not necessarily be impacted by the number and duration of your special day events. For example a video about a short ceremony and a very small reception with only few close family members should cost much less than a video which for instance would consist of an engagement story, a morning preparation of the bride and groom, a traditional ritual e.g. a Chinese tea party, an extended church ceremony with long formal speeches and a long reception with music and rich entertainment program.

    Another factor that may define the cost of the videography is how much detail of your wedding day you want to be able to view on the TV or PC. For example do you want a short thirty minutes trailer or a three hour multiple-parts movie? Do you need five minutes highlights to post them on the web? Do you need a quick same day edit to view right away before the final clip is ready?

    An important aspect that you should consider when making your choice is the number of cameras and camera operators used to film the two, most significant parts of your wedding day: the ceremony and the reception. As a rule the more cameras are used (usually not more than four) the richer is the viewer's experience and closer is the feeling of the presence of the day. However improvement from using two cameras instead of one will be much greater then improvement from using two instead of three or three instead of four.

    The last not less important aspect that you should consider is the quality of both the equipment and the work. The equipment used should be adequate for wedding videography. The videographer should present a portfolio. Overall it has to justify the money you pay. What is the right budget and package? The choices are unlimited. Modern day technology allows to make high quality video using inexpensive and easily available equipment. For example you could ask a friend to use an iPhone or a Handycam camera to tape your wedding. It is ok if that's all what you need. However the experience from watching such a wedding video and its value will not come even close to the real memorable cinemtography product crafted by using multi-camera DSLR setups, professional lenses, proper sound and lighting equipment.



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